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The Dental Marketer Podcast

I am thrilled to share a recent podcast episode where I had the pleasure of chatting with Michael Arias on The Dental Marketer Podcast. 

In this episode, we delved into some key aspects of my dental journey. Here’s a sneak peek at what we covered:

  1. Transitioning from Associate Dentist to Practice Leader: Discover the real motivations behind my shift and the pivotal moments that led me to take charge of my own practice.
  2. Navigating Health Challenges and Lessons Learned
  3. Safe Procedures for Mercury Filling Removal: Learn about the profound impact of my health journey on my approach to dentistry, with a special focus on safe procedures for mercury filling removal.
  4. Shifting to a Fee-for-Service Model: Game-Changer for Patient Care: Explore how unexpected challenges became the catalyst for a shift to a fee-for-service model, and why I believe this could revolutionize patient care.
  5. Marketing Strategies: The Power of Mommy Groups on Facebook: Gain insights into my unconventional yet effective marketing strategy – joining trend topics in mommy groups on Facebook – and tips on optimizing your practice’s promotion.

Listen to the full episode below

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