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Clinical Training

Discover simple clinical changes to safeguard your team, patients, and boost profits. Includes videos of all clinical procedures performed.

Team Training

Equip your entire team with the knowledge and resources needed for effective mercury removal.

Mercury Removal Marketing

Discover powerful mercury removal marketing techniques to attract new patients effortlessly

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The Mercury Removal Masterclass

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  • Master clinical changes to safeguard your team, patients, and boost profitability.
  • Access clinical videos for step-by-step removal procedure guidance.
  • Equip your team with training and minimal investments for maximum returns.
  • Learn effective communication strategies for patient education on safe mercury removal.
  • Gain insights on pricing strategies and additional revenue-generating services.

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Live Clinical Training

Clinical Training: Mercury Removal Live

Access our comprehensive video recording of clinical training sessions, providing step-by-step guidance on mercury removal procedures. Learn at your own pace, empowering you to implement safe mercury removal protocols effectively in your practice.

Supply Lists

Essential Equipment Lists and Sourcing for Mercury Removal

Save time and eliminate the hassle of searching for suppliers with our comprehensive lists of mercury removal equipment and trusted sourcing recommendations. With our curated resources, you can confidently acquire equipment, knowing you’re investing in the best tools for safe and effective mercury removal in your practice.

Team Implementation Guides

Empower your practice team with comprehensive training guides that cover every aspect of mercury removal procedures, from setup to documentation. Our resources ensure that every member of your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently and effectively perform and document procedures.

Consent Forms, Patient Handouts, and Documentation.

Access comprehensive resources including consent forms, patient handouts, and documentation templates to streamline your mercury removal procedures. Ensure thorough patient communication, compliance, and accurate documentation every step of the way, enhancing practice efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Marketing Strategies and Templates

Elevate your practice with our marketing strategies and customizable templates tailored specifically for mercury removal services. From digital campaigns to patient education materials, our resources empower you to effectively promote your services, attract new patients, and establish your practice as a leader in holistic dental care.

surgical training

Mercury Removal Pricing Strategies

Discover effective pricing strategies tailored for mercury removal procedures, designed to maximize practice revenue while ensuring fair and transparent pricing for patients. Our expert guidance will equip you with the knowledge and tools to confidently set competitive prices, optimizing profitability and enhancing the financial health of your practice.

Effective Patient Communication Strategies for Mercury Removal

Learn proven communication techniques to effectively educate and engage patients about mercury removal procedures. From addressing concerns to explaining the benefits, our training empowers you to communicate with clarity, empathy, and confidence, fostering trust and cooperation for successful treatment outcomes.

Guidance on Supplements and Detox for Patients During Mercury Removal

Discover essential information on supplements and detox protocols to support patients undergoing mercury removal procedures, ensuring comprehensive care and optimal health outcomes. By offering these additional services, your practice not only enhances patient care but also creates a valuable revenue stream, fostering practice growth and sustainability.

Treatment Coordinator Training to Advocate for Safe Mercury Removal

Empower your treatment coordinators with specialized training to effectively communicate the importance of safe mercury removal to patients, resulting in increased acceptance rates for treatment. Equip your team with the skills and confidence to address patient concerns, highlight the benefits, and facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring optimal outcomes for both patients and your practice.

Eliminate the Guesswork: Grow Your Health-Based Dental Practice with Guidance from Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen:

For more than two decades, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen has been a pioneering advocate of health-based dental treatment in her dental practice. Her extensive experience extends to training thousands of dentists, enabling them to effectively integrating and health-based protocols into their practice.

Dr. Jorgensen’s well-established model serves as a comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step assistance for every facet of running a successful health-based practice. This includes training the doctors and assistants to deliver exceptional care, training the treatment coordinator to get more new patients to say yes, and how to market your services to find the ideal patients who are already looking for these services.

With her proven approach, you can navigate the process seamlessly so you can have a successful practice and your patients will get the care they are seeking. 

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Safe Mercury Removal Clinical Skills and Systems

‣ Master the precise techniques for safe mercury removal, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring patient safety.

‣ Understand the step-by-step protocols and systems necessary for effective and efficient mercury removal procedures.

‣ Develop the skills to perform safe mercury removal surgeries with confidence, enhancing your ability to provide high-quality care and protect the well-being of your patients and staff.


Team Training

‣ Master pre-making Mercury Removal Kits for efficient procedures

‣ Train clinical dental assistants on room setup, patient care, and post-rinse protocols.

‣ Learn effective strategies for presenting filling removal and detox supplement fees.


Diagnosing and Helping the Patient See the Need

‣ Enhance doctor-patient communication on mercury concerns and removal.

‣ Learn techniques for diagnosing the necessity of mercury filling removal.

‣ Understand methods for testing mercury levels in both practitioners and patients.


Charging and Detoxing for Safe Removal

‣ Implement a straightforward detox protocol for patients post-mercury removal.

‣ Clearly outline fees for mercury removal to patients for transparency and understanding.

‣ Provide patients with clear and concise information regarding mercury removal fees to ensure transparency and informed decision-making.


Marketing for Mercury Removal Patients

‣ Gain insights into our patient-focused marketing strategies for mercury removal.

‣ Explore our comprehensive collection of marketing materials tailored specifically for mercury removal services.

‣ Learn effective techniques for reaching and educating patients about the importance of mercury removal.


Product and Equipment Recommendations

‣ Discover recommended products and equipment essential for safe and effective mercury removal.

‣ Access expert recommendations for selecting the best tools and supplies for mercury removal procedures.

‣ Explore trusted product and equipment options to enhance the efficiency and safety of mercury removal in your practice.


Documentation and Patient Information

‣ Understand the importance of thorough documentation in mercury removal procedures.

‣ Access comprehensive patient information resources for mercury removal treatment.

‣ Learn effective strategies for documenting patient progress and treatment outcomes.

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