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If you have a dental practice and know how to remove amalgam fillings then you can dramatically increase your profits from this procedure with just a few small changes!

I’ve taught hundreds of dentists how to implement safe mercury removal procedures in their office. Not online is it better for your staff and the patient, it also opens the door to increasing your profitability and growing your practice!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The small changes you can make to make your amalgam removal safer for you, your team, and the patient
  • What products and equipement you need to have
  • How to charge for this procedure so you can increase your profitability each time you perform it
  • How to market and grow your practice by attracting patients looking for this procedure.

This course will teach you everything you need to get started . . . let me show you how!

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Live Clinical Training

Live Clinical Training

Gain insights into a variety of health-based clinical procedures, such as safe amalgam removal, cavitation surgery, ozone therapy, implant placement, and more.

Supply Lists

Supply Lists and Sourcing

Discover the essential supply lists and sourcing guidance you need to seamlessly integrate these procedures into your practice.

We provide comprehensive lists of required supplies and direct you to trusted sources for procurement.

Comprehensive Implementation Guides

We go beyond teaching health-based dental procedures; we provide step-by-step instructions on integrating these techniques into your practice. Our training covers your entire team, from assistants to treatment coordinators, marketing coordinators, and financial coordinators.

Consent Forms, Patient Handouts, and Documentation.

We offer a comprehensive collection of paperwork necessary for seamlessly integrating health-based dentistry into your practice. Save valuable time and money that would otherwise be spent on drafting these documents.

Marketing Strategies and Templates

We guide you through each step to draw in patients looking for health-based dental procedures. Discover the secrets to expanding your practice while delivering top-notch patient care.

surgical training

Surgical Mastery with Our Periodontist

Witness our surgeon’s expert demonstrations of precise surgical techniques for health-based procedures, including extractions, cavitation surgeries, and implants. Elevate your surgical skills.

New Patient Conversion Training for Your Treatment Coordinator

We provide comprehensive guidance to empower your treatment coordinator in mastering the new patient process, boosting their confidence in presentations, and increasing patient acceptance rates. This is taught to your treatment coordinator by our treatment coordinator.

Unlock Practice Growth with Holistic Hygiene Training

Let our experienced hygienist guide your team through the entire holistic hygiene protocol, covering treatment, diagnosis, supplements, and effective patient communication.

Master the Full Sales and Treatment Process

Our comprehensive course takes you and your team through the entire process of integrating health-based dentistry into your practice. We provide the knowledge and tools you need for successful procedure performance, system implementation, and practice growth.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Practice with the Health-Based Dentistry Mini Residency.

7 Complete Comprehensive Modules Included!


Safe Mercury Removal Clinical Skills and Systems

‣ Master the precise techniques for safe mercury removal, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring patient safety.

‣ Understand the step-by-step protocols and systems necessary for effective and efficient mercury removal procedures.

‣ Develop the skills to perform safe mercury removal surgeries with confidence, enhancing your ability to provide high-quality care and protect the well-being of your patients and staff.


Safe Mercury Removal Clinical Skills and Systems

‣ Master the precise techniques for safe mercury removal, minimizing the risk of exposure and ensuring patient safety.

‣ Understand the step-by-step protocols and systems necessary for effective and efficient mercury removal procedures.

‣ Develop the skills to perform safe mercury removal surgeries with confidence, enhancing your ability to provide high-quality care and protect the well-being of your patients and staff.


Team Training for Safe Mercury Removal

‣ Learn how to effectively educate and train your dental team on safe mercury removal protocols, ensuring a cohesive and well-prepared staff.

‣ Enhance teamwork and coordination within your practice, enabling each team member to contribute to the safe mercury removal process.

‣ Develop the skills to empower your dental team to provide the highest level of care and support during mercury removal procedures, resulting in a safer and more efficient practice.



Diagnosing and Helping the Patient See the Need

  • Acquire effective diagnostic tools and techniques to identify patients who require mercury removal, ensuring you can address their needs.

  • Learn strategies for communicating the necessity of mercury removal to patients, fostering understanding and trust in your recommendations.

  • Enhance your ability to educate and guide patients through the decision-making process, ultimately leading to increased case acceptance and better oral health outcomes.



Charging and Detoxing for Safe Removal

  • Discover proven strategies for setting fair and competitive pricing for safe mercury removal services, optimizing your practice’s financial health.

  • Learn about detoxification methods and protocols to support patients through the removal process, ensuring their well-being and comfort.

  • Gain insights into how charging and detoxification can be both financially beneficial for your practice and contribute to the overall health and satisfaction of your patients.



Product and Equipment Recommendations

  • Get expert guidance on the selection of the most suitable products and equipment for safe mercury removal, ensuring efficiency and compliance with best practices.

  • Learn about the latest advancements and innovations in the field, helping you stay at the forefront of technology and maintain a competitive edge in your practice.

  • Maximize cost-effectiveness by making informed choices on product and equipment investments, ultimately benefiting your practice’s bottom line.



Marketing for Mercury Removal Patients

  • Develop targeted marketing strategies to reach and attract health-conscious patients seeking mercury removal services, expanding your patient base.

  • Create compelling marketing campaigns that effectively communicate the benefits of safe mercury removal and position your practice as the go-to destination for these services.

  • Implement marketing techniques that not only drive patient acquisition but also contribute to the growth and success of your practice by offering a unique and in-demand service.



Documentation and Patient Information

  • Learn how to maintain accurate and comprehensive patient records for safe mercury removal procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations and legal standards.

  • Gain insight into effective patient information management, including consent forms and post-operative care instructions, which can enhance the overall patient experience.

  • Develop sound documentation practices to safeguard your practice from potential liabilities and support your commitment to transparency and professionalism in health-based dentistry.

Eliminate the Guesswork: Grow Your Health-Based Dental Practice with Guidance from Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen:

For more than two decades, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen has been a pioneering advocate of health-based dental treatment in her dental practice. Her extensive experience extends to training thousands of dentists, enabling them to effectively integrating and health-based protocols into their practice.

Dr. Jorgensen’s well-established model serves as a comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step assistance for every facet of running a successful health-based practice. This includes training the doctors and assistants to deliver exceptional care, training the treatment coordinator to get more new patients to say yes, and how to market your services to find the ideal patients who are already looking for these services.

With her proven approach, you can navigate the process seamlessly so you can have a successful practice and your patients will get the care they are seeking. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is this for clinical and admin team members?


Yes!  This has specific training for your entire team.

Question: Is this something I can use to get everyone on the same page?


This is intended to help the entire team talk the same language.  It empowers team members to know the answers to questions patients ask.  This frees the doctor up to do more clinical care and gives the team confidence.

Question: How long does it take to go through the mini residency?


You can go as quickly or slowly as you want.  Typically people spend one-two months per module so you can complete the course in six to twelve months.

Question: How do I use this in practice?


You can hold team meetings to watch and practice the information, or you can have team members watch on their own and you can train together in real time in your office. 

Question: What is your dentist directory?


We have dozens of patients every day who ask for a dentist that is trained this way near them.  We can’t wait for you to get the training and join the list so we can send patients your way!