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The Dental Ozone Masterclass

Fast-Track the Implementation of Ozone Treatment in Your Dental Practice and Discover How to Attract Patients Actively Seeking This Service

Your all-in-one solution for seamlessly integrating ozone treatments into your dental practice. Dive into pivotal research, source equipment, and follow step-by-step instructions to elevate treatment outcomes. Team training and a marketing swipe file are included.

The Dental Ozone Masterclass is your comprehensive, user-friendly path to transforming your practice and meeting the demands of today’s informed patients.

Dental Ozone Masterclass Header

Unlock the Full Potential of Ozone Integration with This Comprehensive Masterclass.

What you'll learn in this masterclass...



Exploring the Research: The Science of Ozone Treatment in Dentistry



Optimizing Dental Care: Clinical Applications and Protocols for Ozone Usage



Step-by-Step Equipment Selection, Setup, and Staff Training.



Training for Treatment Coordinators and a Marketing Swipe File for Ozone Promotion

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Let Me Show You the Topics Covered in the Dental Ozone Masterclass

Your all-in-one solution for seamlessly integrating ozone treatments into your dental practice.

Topic 1

Introduction to Ozone

Learn the Research Behind Ozone and the Studies Demonstrating Ozone’s Vital Role in Dental Practices

Topic 2

Essential Equipment

Discover the necessary equipment required to begin administering ozone treatments and reliable sources for procurement

3 - ozone for water lines (1)

Topic 3

Ozone for Water Line Disinfection

Learn how to enhance the efficiency of microbe removal from your water lines through ozone treatment.

ozone informed consent (1)

Topic 4

Consent Forms and Fee Schedules for Ozone Therapy

Access Pre-Made Consent Forms and Recommended Ozone Treatment Fee Schedules for Your Practice

5 - dental techniques (1)

Topic 5

Optimizing Dental Techniques

Guidelines for Incorporating Ozone to Elevate Your Restorative, Periodontal, and Surgical Dental Treatments

6 - installation instructions (1)

Topic 6

Installation Instructions

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Ozone Equipment in Your Dental Office

7 - Team Training (1)

Topic 7

Team Training

Video Lessons for Enhancing Your Team’s Communication and Promotion of Ozone Treatment to Patients

8 - FB Swipefile (1)

Topic 8

Facebook Ad Swipe File

Ready-Made Templates for Facebook Ads to Promote Ozone Dental Treatments in Your Practice

Topic 9

Ozone Document Templates

Educational Handouts for Your Reception Area and for Referring Health-Based Practitioners, such as Naturopaths and Chiropractors

Eliminate the Guesswork: Implement Ozone into Your Practice with Guidance from Dr. Michelle & Dr. Mihalka

Dr. Dennis Mihalka

Dr. Dennis Mihalka

Dr. Dennis Mihalka, an ozone therapy expert, is a vital resource for understanding the intricacies of ozone. With over a decade of experience, he’s been a key player in designing ozone delivery systems since 2008. His contributions include collaboration with renowned figures like Dr. Bill Domb and board membership in the International Association for Ozone in Healthcare (IAOH).

Dr. Mihalka has actively participated in significant ozone events and conducted research, solidifying his reputation as a respected authority in the field. His expertise is invaluable for those navigating the evolving ozone therapy domain.

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen:

For more than a decade, Dr. Michelle Jorgensen has been a pioneering advocate of ozone treatment in her dental practice. Her extensive experience extends to training thousands of dentists, enabling them to effectively integrate and utilize ozone treatment for enhancing patient outcomes and practice growth.

Dr. Jorgensen’s well-established model serves as a comprehensive guide, providing step-by-step assistance for every facet of setting up an ozone system in your practice. This includes training your staff to proficiently deliver the treatment, educate them on promoting ozone treatment, and attracting a larger patient base by offering this valuable service. With her proven approach, you can navigate the process seamlessly, leveraging the benefits of ozone therapy to elevate your practice and patient care.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What Is the Cost of Purchasing Ozone Equipment?


Ozone equipment is remarkably budget-friendly when compared to most dental equipment purchases.

Furthermore, minimal ongoing inventory is required after the initial equipment purchase. As a significant benefit, your team can effectively manage the majority of ozone procedures in the office, allowing for more doctor availability.

Question: What is the Benefit of Implementing Ozone Into a Dental Practice?


The advantages of implementing ozone therapy are multifaceted.

It’s cost-effective with minimal investment to get started and it also allows you to distinguish your practice in marketing efforts.

It also enhances treatment outcomes across various areas, including surgery, periodontal care, desensitization, and overall patient satisfaction.

Furthermore, in a post-COVID world, ozone therapy is a safer option as it minimizes the risk of infection transmission.

Question: What Are the Health Benefits of Ozone Treatment in Dentistry?


Ozone proves invaluable in managing microbes within periodontal lesions, beneath restorations, surgical sites, and effectively desensitizing teeth. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and sanitized water lines.

Question: How Much Time Will it Take to Implement Ozone Into My Office?


With the content in this course, you can swiftly prepare to incorporate ozone treatments into your practice within just a month. This involves dedicating time to view the presentations, acquire and set up the necessary equipment, and have your staff complete the training sessions to ensure they are fully proficient.

Rest assured, the process is more straightforward than you might anticipate. We provide comprehensive guidance for each step and remain accessible to address any questions or concerns you may have as you progress.

Question: Can I Get My Money Back If This Course Isn't a Good Fit For Me?


Yes! We’re so confident that you’ll love this course that you can try it for a full 30 days. If after 30 days you don’t love it you can get a full refund.