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The Living Well Professionals Online Directory

Since starting my platform Living Well with Dr. Michelle and sharing information about health-based dentistry, there has been a great response from hundreds of thousands of people interested in alternative healthcare! 

The most common question I am asked on social media is, “where can I find a dentist like you where I live?”… 

I know there are great practitioners throughout the country, but I don’t know them personally and am not familiar with their training.  As a result, I complete many virtual consultations each month, and people travel across the country to get treated at my practice. 

It is clear that there is a demand for health-based dental care…

…and people are searching for it but don’t know where to find it. That’s what led to the Living Well Professionals Directory.

Thousands of Patients Seeking Quality Care

I decided it was time to create a Living Well Professional Directory with the goal of connecting patients seeking health-based treatment with qualified providers in their area. 

On my Living Well with Dr. Michelle platform, I have…

  • Over 25,000 website visitors per month 
  • More than 200,000 followers on social media 
  • I reach 2,000,000+ people each month on social media

…and my email newsletter list has over 45,000 subscribers.

People want to know about what we do!  There is significant interest and demand for this information and care, and that’s why I need you! 

As my Living Well with Dr. Michelle platform grows, the demand for qualified providers will also grow…

…and my objective is to make the Living Well Professionals Directory THE BEST directory for patients seeking health-based practitioners.

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There are Three Ways to Get Listed on The Living Well Professionals Directory

1. Doctors who have taken my certification course or other online trainings can receive a free 6 month listing

If you’ve received training through any of my health-based dentistry training, click the button below to register for your free 6-month listing on the directory.  

After the 6-month trial listing you can remain on the directory for just $349/year.

2. Doctors who are already practicing health-based dentists can apply to get listed on the directory.

If you are already a health-based dentist and have training in biological and holistic dentistry, then you can be listed on the directory for just $349/year. We will just ask that you let us know about your previous training.

3. Doctors who are aspiring to be a health-based dentists you can take my certification program.

Upon completition of the certitifcation program you will receive a 6 month trial listing on the directory.  After the 6 month trial you can remain on the directory for just $349/year.

The Living Well Professionals Directory

As a Total Care Way Certified practitioner, you’ll be listed on our exclusive directory which will give you immediate exposure to patients in your area that are seeking health-based treatment. 

Join me in making a difference in health-based dentistry by being listed in the Living Well Professional Directory.

Start today and let’s work together to provide patients with the best care possible.