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Hassle-Free Lead Generation: The Easiest and Most Reliable Way to Generate a Steady Flow of New Patients Interested in Health-Based Dentistry in Your Market

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Monthly Visitors to the Living Well Directory

Are you tired of the uphill battle to convince potential patients of the value of health-based dentistry? Struggling to draw in patients who truly appreciate—and are willing to invest in—your health-centric approach?

Imagine a world where you attract individuals already sold on the idea. The Living Well Directory, with its 20,000 monthly visitors, is your gateway. My followers are already actively seeking a health-focused dentist like you.  Every day on our social media channels I gets asked, “Where can I find a dentist like you?” 

The answer: our directory. Join now for a 3-month trial listing effortlessly and tap into a stream of eager new patients.

Each Month, the Call for Health-Focused Practitioners Increases

While exceptional health-based practitioners exist nationwide, I may not have personal connections with them all. Consequently, I conduct numerous virtual consultations monthly, with individuals traveling from across the country to seek treatment at my practice.

The evident truth is, there’s a growing demand for health-based dental care…

…and individuals actively seek it without a clear guide. 

That’s why I need you! 

As my Living Well with Dr. Michelle platform grows, the demand for qualified providers will also grow…

…and my objective is to make the Living Well Professionals Directory THE BEST directory for patients seeking health-based practitioners.

This Directory Works...

See What Other Doctors Have to Say!

The Living Well Directory has been great for my office. I have new patients each week my listing.  With my directory listing, I get to reap the benefits of Dr. Michelle’s influence without having to put in all the work!

Dr. Blake Shreve
Elite Smiles | Mesa, AZ

We get referrals from the directory 2-3 times PER WEEK! Better than the IABDM and IOMT websites. WAY AWESOME ROI!

Dr. Teresa M. Scott
Holistic Dental Associates | Spring Tx

I’m writing to thank you for your referrals. We’ve had fantastic results so far!

Dr. Ranti Aryani
Presidential Dental | Kensington, MD

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the living well professionals directory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t the directory free?

I understand nobody wants to pay for a directory. My aim is to connect my audience with health-based dentists, but truth be told, providing the directory isn’t cost-free.

My team handles daily social media inquiries, promotes the directory through both free and paid social media ads, and the web team updating listings needs compensation.

Priced at just $29/month, it’s incredibly affordable marketing. If you get just one new patient a year, that’s roughly a 30:1 ROI! Most doctors here are gaining several new patients a month – cost-effective and effective marketing!

How does the 3-month trial work?

To kick off your free 3-month trial, click the button, fill out the form, and submit your payment info. No charges for the first 3 months. You have 90 days to assess performance and can cancel anytime during this period. After 90 days, it’s $349 for the next 12 months.

What if I want to cancel during the trial?

No problem! Shoot us an email before the 90-day trial ends, and we’ll happily cancel your subscription.

What is the Monthly Visitor Count to the Directory?

As of January 2024, we’re seeing about 20,000 new visitors monthly, and this number is rapidly growing. By year-end, it’s likely to exceed 100,000 visitors monthly.

How is the Living Well Directory promoted?

Dr. Michelle’s Living Well brand reaches over 1,000,000 people monthly through various channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, podcasts, live events, and our newsletter. When health-based dentistry is discussed, we direct people to the directory. Future plans include paid media ads targeting directory registrants’ practice areas, bringing in even more patients.

How fast does my listing go live?

My team typically gets your listing up within 1-3 business days. Holidays might add a couple of days, but generally, we work fast. Once live, we’ll email you so you can check it out and let us know if any edits are needed.