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Providing Answers is Providing Hope

The Living Well Professionals Newsletter - 6/1/23

Why do we do what we do?

Not every day is easy in the dental world.  Have you noticed?!  Sometimes I wonder why we do what we do.  Then a patient starts to cry and tells me they are so thankful for our help and I remember.  I see someone feeling good again, having a better life because of our care, and I wonder why I ever forgot!
When providing health-based care, we give our patients something that few can provide for them – HOPE.  We provide this through thoughtful answers and helpful solutions for their challenges.  Don’t shortchange this idea of hope.  Sometimes it’s the last thread our patients are holding onto, and if we can strengthen that thread they will stay with us for life.  This is why we do what we do!  
If you are interested in helping more people with health-based care, check out the Living Well Professionals Certification program and directory Here.

Finally a natural solution for dry mouth!

Have you tried my mouthrinse yet?  It’s a very unique combination of colloiday silver, hydroxyapatite and herbals.  One of those herbals is marshmallow root, and it’s magical for increasing saliva!
Watch this video to learn more about the plant and purchase mouthrinse Here.

Why is a Conebeam standard of care?

I have an interesting case study for you today.  It’s my mom! 
During a recent exam, she told me her jaw had been hurting. We took a CT scan to see the joints, and found so much more as well!
Watch my video below. And watch for new Living Well Professionals training on infection and sleep care that is research-based and real-life proven soon!