0.2 – How to take COMPLETE advantage of the Health-Based Mini-Residency

In this mini-residency, there are 6 months to help you on your journey toward building an extraordinary holistic dental practice. In each of the modules, we will dive deeper into Advanced Topics in a holistic practice. But before we start with any of the modules, I need you to find your WHY. 

This step is first, as it will enable you to find the motivation necessary to complete this mini-residency, and it will help you guide your team and set goals for your practice. If you have not completed your WHY Workbook yet, I have included it in this Chapter so you can download it and fill it out. If you have, well done!

Each Module will include:  

  • Clinical Skills and Systems 
  • Product and Equipment Recommendations 
  • Patient Management Skills and Systems
  • Team Training
  • Marketing
  • Documentation and Patient Information.

You will learn through training videos, downloadable resources and formulas, product suggestions, quizzes, and chapter review worksheets. I want you to become an expert in each topic!   

At the end of each Module, I will include an amazing resource to get your team on board as well…

You will find a PowerPoint presentation of each Module, including all the videos and resources, which you will be able to modify based on your team’s needs.  You can use that presentation and any other resources from the Module to train your team to implement these holistic services in your practice.

I recommend that you as the doctor try to go through the Module fairly quickly, in the first weeks of the month. Then you can train your team on each part of the Module and spend the rest of the month working out the kinks. This will enable you to stay on track with the Academy each month. 

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! 

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen