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Facebook Ad Blueprint for Holistic Dentists

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Greetings, I’m Dr. Ty, Michelle’s brother and the brains behind the marketing for her dental practice. Michelle’s health-based office is usually buzzing with patients of all kinds, but we hit a snag when the schedule for her restorative dental team started showing gaps. 

We needed fresh faces with restorative needs to keep the team on their toes and maintain productivity. Michelle turned to me and tasked me with conjuring up some marketing magic via Facebook ads. 

The challenge? To bring in new restorative patients, fill those schedule gaps, and all without burning through our marketing budget. I’ll show you how we did it…

Step 1: Define the Objective

Every successful marketing campaign begins with a clear objective. For us, it was straightforward – increase the number of new restorative patients…

…with a special focus on those interested in amalgam fillings removal.

My personal target? Efficiently schedule new patients through a Facebook and Instagram ads campaign, ideally acquiring them for less than $100 per person. This isn’t just about profit margins; it’s about ensuring that our marketing spend pays off significantly in the long run. It’s a strategic approach that sets the stage for success.

Step 2: Identify Existing Marketing Assets

Before diving into a complete overhaul, my initial move was to assess the marketing assets already at our disposal that could seamlessly fit into this campaign.

First on the list was Michelle’s organic Facebook and Instagram content, including posts and reels—a treasure trove of engagement and consistently positive performance. It’s a reasonable assumption that those who interact with Michelle’s social media content align with our ideal demographic.

Take a peek at this Instagram reel as an example of content we’ve been sharing on our social channels:

Next in line was a gem from the archives—an article Michelle penned years ago on the perils of mercury. The content was gold; it just needed a touch-up to align with our goal of capturing new patient leads.

Feel free to explore the revamped article here, complete with the necessary optimizations:

Armed with these assets, our ad campaign kicked off on a solid footing.

Step 3: Create a Funnel Blueprint to Attract New Patients Seeking Restorative Treatment

Let me break down the nuts and bolts of the marketing funnel I designed:

  1. Amplify Top-Performing Content: We took our cream-of-the-crop Facebook and Instagram posts, boosted them, and presented them to a broader audience. Casting our targeting net within an 80-mile radius, we set a modest budget of $5 per day. Essentially, we let the Facebook algorithm do the legwork, showcasing our content to anyone within a convenient drive to the office.

  2. Build a Facebook Retargeting List: Here’s where the magic of a “custom audience” comes into play. We curated a pool of video viewers – our “warm audience” – consisting of individuals who had watched 15 seconds or more of Michelle’s videos. These were people already introduced to Michelle and actively engaging with her content.

  3. Deploy a Targeted Video Ad: Speaking directly to the concerns around amalgam and the hazards of mercury fillings, we rolled out a video ad. But here’s the kicker – it was exclusively targeted at the “warm audience” we’d cultivated. The ad prompted viewers to delve into an online article about mercury, seamlessly guiding them through the next steps.

Feel free to check out the targeted video ad here: 

This audience, having already signaled their interest in health-based dentistry topics, was now primed to take the next leap. The optimized article encouraged them to schedule a new patient exam for an evaluation of their amalgam fillings. It’s the art of guiding interest into action.

Here is the blueprint of the funnel diagramed below:

Mercury Fillings Funnel

Step 4: Fill in the Asset Gaps

With the funnel blueprint in place, a quick evaluation revealed we only had to craft one asset and fine-tune another.

  1. Craft a Video Ad: Our arsenal lacked a video ad encouraging viewers to explore our enlightening article (check out the video above).

  2. Optimize the Existing Article: A strategic move involved enhancing the existing article with robust calls-to-action, transforming casual readers into potential new patients.

These assets proved to be a breeze to create, and in no time, we had everything set to kick off our campaign.

The Results:

Now, let’s talk results. This finely-tuned marketing funnel didn’t just deliver; it did so with impressive profitability. We successfully brought in new restorative patients for the practice at a cost ranging between $50 and $60 per lead

The impact was swift and substantial – our restorative schedule, once marred by gaps, was promptly filled to capacity. The challenges we were grappling with were not only addressed but turned into a triumph.

How Can You Attract New Health-Based Patients for Your Practice?

The methodology behind this Facebook campaign was effective, and the beauty of it lies in its simplicity. Anyone can replicate a comparable campaign in their own market by effortlessly following these steps:

  1. Define Your Objective: Begin by crystalizing your goal – articulate precisely what you aim to achieve with your marketing campaign.

  2. Leverage Existing Assets: Examine what you already possess that can be repurposed to fuel your campaign.

  3. Strategize Your Campaign: Plot out the steps of your funnel, meticulously designing how you’ll usher people through each stage to fulfill your objective.

  4. Bridge Asset Gaps: Identify any missing pieces in your assets and proactively fill these gaps. Prepare the necessary components to fortify your funnel for success.

There’s no secret sauce here, just a straightforward guide to crafting a campaign that resonates with your audience. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on the path to attracting new patients in your market.

Ready to Elevate Your Health-Based Practice?

In the realm of health-based dentistry, finding a mentor to bridge the knowledge gaps in business, marketing, and operations can be quite a challenge. Dental schools often neglect these crucial subjects, and securing a coach or consultant with a focus on health-based dentistry seems like a quest in itself.

Enter Michelle’s solution: The Health-Based Dentistry Mini Residency.

This course is a game-changer, delivering a wealth of knowledge and strategic insights covering every facet of launching and managing a health-based dental practice. It goes beyond clinical procedures, offering guidance on…

  • Attracting new patients
  • Navigating the treatment coordinator room for seamless patient conversion
  • Essential forms and informed consent
  • Training protocols for your assistants, financial coordinators, phone teams, and marketing coordinators

…and practically everything else you’d need to know.

Michelle’s track record speaks for itself—she runs one of the busiest and most successful dental practices I’ve come across during my tenure as a marketing consultant for over hundreds of dental offices in the US and Canada.

Whether you’re just starting or aiming to propel your health-based practice to new heights, exploring the Health-Based Dentistry Mini Residency course is a wise investment for the growth and success of your practice.  Check it out here