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Course Overview

Are you ready to revolutionize your dental practice by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge ozone treatments? Discover the key to attracting patients actively seeking this innovative service. Welcome to the Dental Ozone Masterclass, your comprehensive solution to elevate your practice and meet the demands of today’s informed patients.

What You’ll Learn in This Masterclass:

The Science of Ozone Treatment in Dentistry

  • Delve into the latest research supporting the vital role of ozone in dental practices.

Essential Equipment

  • Identify the essential equipment required to administer ozone treatments and trusted sources for procurement.

Ozone for Water Line Disinfection

  • Improve the efficiency of microbe removal from your water lines through ozone treatment.

Consent Forms and Fee Schedules

  • Access pre-made consent forms and recommended ozone treatment fee schedules to enhance patient communication.

Optimizing Dental Techniques

  • Explore guidelines for incorporating ozone into restorative, periodontal, and surgical dental treatments.

Installation Instructions

  • Follow a step-by-step guide to set up ozone equipment in your dental office.

Team Training –

  • Equip your team with video lessons to effectively communicate and promote ozone treatment to patients.

Facebook Ad Swipe File

  • Access templates for Facebook ads to effectively market ozone dental treatments in your practice.

Ozone Document Templates

  • Utilize educational handouts for your reception area and for referral to health-based practitioners, such as naturopaths and chiropractors.

Masterclass Outline

Masterclass Outline Resources


Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is an author, speaker, teacher, health-based dentist and traditional Naturopath. After practicing traditional dentistry for 10 years, she became very sick. Through her own path to return to health, she discovered she had mercury poisoning from drilling out amalgam fillings for her patients. This path led her to discover how dentistry and overall health are interconnected, and how the dentist can improve teeth AND health in those they serve. She runs an education center to train professionals how to help those they serve to Live Well. This center includes clinical, management and marketing training in health-based disciplines, training on her successful CARE model, and a strong community of like-minded professionals.