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Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

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Meet Dr. Michelle Jorgensen

Dr. Michelle Jorgensen is a leader in the field of health-based dentistry and holistic health and wellness.

After 10 years of traditional dentistry, she became ill. Not finding answers in traditional medicine, she continued to search and found she had mercury poisoning from all the amalgam fillings she had removed for her patients. This led her to learn how to remove these fillings safely, for her own health.

After realizing dental procedures could impact the health of the patient and practitioner, she started investigating other health-based dental techniques. This led to unexpected interest and growth in a new field.

As her practice continued to grow, she brought specialists in to care for all her patient’s dental needs in a health-focused manner. This led to the creation of a new patient model, which brought further practice growth, with patients coming from all over America and other countries to experience the Total Care Way firsthand.

Dr. Michelle speaks on podcasts and at conferences for practitioners and the general public, educating thousands on health-based dentistry and healthy living. Her aim is to help the public recognize what they should look for in a practitioner, then train the practitioner to be able to provide that kind of care.

Her brand Living Well with Dr. Michelle has become a source of inspiration for hundreds of thousands who use it as a resource to improve their lives through healthy practices.

She has authored five books, writes newletters and social education posts, works in the dental practice, and still makes time for managing a bustling homestead and education center. Her favorite thing to do is care for her husband and four kids, a grandbaby, two dogs and several chickens!

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